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6 Basic Metrics in Digital Marketing You Need to Be Monitoring

digital marketing metrics, marketing measurement

To measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it's important to establish clear goals and objectives for your marketing campaigns and to track relevant metrics.

There are many metrics that are important in digital marketing, and the specific metrics that are most important will depend on the goals of your marketing campaign. Some common metrics that are important in digital marketing include:

1. Traffic: This measures the number of visitors to your website.

2. Engagement: This measures the level of interaction that users have with your website or social media pages, such as likes, comments, and shares.

3. Conversion rate: This measures the percentage of visitors to your website who take a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

4. Cost per acquisition (CPA): This measures the cost of acquiring a new customer or lead through your marketing efforts.

5. Return on investment (ROI): This measures the profitability of your marketing efforts by comparing the revenue generated to the cost of the marketing campaign.

6. Customer lifetime value (CLV): This measures the total value of a customer to your business over the course of their relationship with your company.

Overall, it's important to track a variety of metrics to get a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

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